Monday, September 29, 2014

Professor Landfried's CNX 117 Americans in Paris

We have enjoyed the great pleasure of collaborating with Professor Carrie Landfried's class on Americans in Paris this fall.  In addition to completing their questionnaire about life in Paris, we benefited enormously from their reviews of the wonderful exhibit, "Building Memory: Architecture and  the Great War," in the Phillips Museum Sally Mather Gibson Curriculum Gallery (September 4-December 7, 2014), curated by Professor Kostis Kourelis of F&M's Art and Art History Department.  Among other Franco-American connections, we discovered through our partners the French influence on the memorial at Valley Forge, designed by French architect Paul Cret and clearly modeled on the Arc de Triomph in Paris.

We also exchanged summaries of our class discussions on the French role in and experience of World War I.  This week, we look forward to sharing reports of our visits of sites of American influence or presence in Paris.  Merci beaucoup to CNX 117 for your engaged and thoughtful contributions!

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