Friday, December 5, 2014

Fondue Dinner

After an intense week of study of French history (the 1970s) and politics (the question of social citizenship of French Muslims), it was time for our weekly group dinner.  This Thursday we went Swiss by visiting Pain, vin, fromages in the shadow of the Centre Georges Pompidou, just off Rue du Temple.  The restaurant, which boasts a cave authentique du 17eme siècle (a vintage seventeenth-century setting), serves a variety of fondues, raclettes, tartiflettes, and aligo.

Several of us tried the fondue bourguignonne, with beef and sauces.

Among other things, we each listed what we hope to do and see in Paris before the semester's end.  It's hard to believe we have just two weeks left!  One highlight of this past week was Maria Mitchell's opportunity to attend a reception at ACCENT for the host families. After months of hearing about these special people, it was a true pleasure for her to meet the families who have so generously taken our students into their homes.  We all agreed that every student has learned a great deal this semester – about Paris, French language and culture (including food!), and herself.

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