Thursday, December 18, 2014

Students' Final Reflections

As is appropriate, the students should have the final word on their experiences in Paris this past semester, as they reflect on what their time abroad has meant to them …

From Andrea:  Living in Paris was by far the most amazing experience I've had.  It enabled me to grow as a person and to meet the most amazing group of girls.  I have been blessed to be in this program and I am truly thankful to F&M as well as Professor Mitchell for making this possible!

From Annie:  The F&M in Paris program was the best experience, full of great food and great people in the best city! 

From Caroline:  I love the artistic lifestyle in Paris when walking in the rain and talking to artists in galleries, and recalling the scenes and architecture in Victor Hugo's novels.  Life is so fun when I can easily travel in Europe, enjoy nostalgic afternoons in Hemingway's cafés, and go to marvellous performances and museums.  Learning about French culture and history in class also helped me to adapt to French life.   I hope that I still have time to ride bikes in Paris like people did in Le Tour de France! 

From Hannah:  F&M in Paris has been one of the most transformative experiences I have had, and I know it will continue to influence me for years.  Despite, or rather because of, challenges I faced here, I have grown in ways that would have been impossible had I spent the semester any other way.

From Kianna:  I had the opportunity to live out my dream, and being in Paris I have learned things that I will always remember forever.  I will never forget the places I have visited and the people I met.  This experience has allowed me to become more responsible, independent, and above all it allowed me to grow as a person.

From Meredith:  Living in Paris was such a great experience!  I have learned so much about myself and have enjoyed every moment here!  I have made so many great friends and memories that will stay with me forever!

From Renee:  It is an interesting experience that, on the very first day you spoke no French and communicated with hand gestures and body language, but by the end of the program, you realize you can understand every single word that your host family says.  This program is awesome, not only because it's in Paris, but also because I now know how independent I can be.

From Tessla:  F&M in Paris was a wonderful experience.  I am so happy I applied as a third-year student.  I met and appreciate my classmates and Professor Mitchell, who made my experience in Paris so enjoyable and intellectual.  I give them my thanks.  Being in Paris has made me a better person, more independent, responsible, wiser, and mature.  Walking along the Seine River or by the Eiffel Tower always makes me reflect about my life and my future: what I've become and what kind of person I want to become.  Thanks to F&M in Paris program, my classmates who are now my friends, Professor Mitchell who has been wonderful, and Paris, I will remain here for another semester and will definitely come back in the future.  Thank you!! 

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